Shootin' Gallery

Step right up and test your skill!

Step right up and take a chance at this exciting game of skill. Shoot all the targets in the time limit. Aim for targets with advantages such as slowing or stopping the targets, adding ammunition, or adding time. Be careful of targets which can take ammo and time or speed up all targets. Shoot the required number of targets in each round to advance to the next. You may even make it to the bonus rounds!

Shoot fast, and shoot accurately! This game of skill takes precise aiming and quick decision making if you are to make the high score!


  • Shoot at 3 layers of animated scrolling carnival-themed objects
  • Play shooting games like hit the falling objects or shoot only hearts
  • 28 animated and non-animated items to shoot
  • Objects have special effects plus positive and negative scoring and ammo results
  • 60 rounds with unique goals plus two bonus levels
  • Adjustable difficulty levels for different experience groups


Press a key to start play. Aim for the targets that will score you points, ammo, or time. Avoid shooting targets that take away time and ammo. Improve your accuracy or play fun midway mini-games like shoot the running bear or hit the falling food. This is a stand alone application, no server connection is required after downloading.


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