Rascal Roundup

Game Overview

Your goal: Rescue the cute animal pets from danger as you lead them from each room. Just like the real things, each one moves in its own direction. If you can control one, try two. If you can do 10, try 20. If you can manage 50, try just one more. You must think quickly and respond with manic speed as each new level adds one more pet to the menagerie. Total chaos ensues as you juggle more and more pets to keep them from bumping into hazards as you get each out the door.


  • 50 unique levels, including bonus and speed rounds.
  • Collect 4 bonus items for extra points: 1 key to open the gate, 1 clock that gives time, plus 2 food power ups for points
  • Bonus points for coordinating the exit of pets through the doors at the same time.
  • 10 backgrounds, with 3 puzzles each
  • Test your skills by controlling up to 5 animals at a time


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