Match Cards Fast to Win the Lottery

Loteria is a Picture Bingo memory game. Play against the clock and up to 4 AI players. Match cards against the lottery board to block out lines, squares, or letters the fastest to win each round. Win the most rounds to win the tournament. Watch opponents’ hands to learn what cards they need to win. A single mistake could cost the round!

Loteria is the first game to be included in the all-new Tiger Game League, an online high score system that tracks your ranking against other players across the globe! Settle the score online, with the all-new Tiger Game League.


  • Picture based Bingo game
  • Card Gallery: View all the cards and memorize each image to match the fastest
  • See other players’ cards to determine who is winning
  • Three seperate difficulty levels
  • Select as many as 3 AI players to challenge and up to 30 rounds for a tournament
  • Track all of your statistics, cards used and missed, plus rounds won and lost
  • Online Scoreboards: Compare your score to players around the world!


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