Hookups Wallpaper

Game Overview

These nurses are out to take care of those skateboarding woes with their Band-aids, stethoscopes, and kisses!

Download seven images at purchase to reside on your phone: no additional airtime fees incur while searching through a database.


  • Wallpapers featuring the famous Hook-Ups brand skateboards, clothing and videos images
  • Original, collectable characters from the Nurse Series of skateboard images
  • 6 fun and flirty Anime girls with edgy attitude, plus one "School of Medicine" image
  • 7 full-screen backgrounds
  • Vibrant full color images to highlight device color features
  • New Hook-ups Screen Saver Packs will be released for collectors


Scroll through the photo album, choose a picture, and save the photo to your image library. Next, go to the cell phone image library and choose the saved photo as your new wallpaper. You can change your wallpaper as often as you like, exchanging pictures from your Nurse Pack, Vol One.


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