Air Raid Plus

Command the artillery cannon while avoiding a deadly bunker buster!

Air Raid is an exciting action game where you man the only anti-aircraft gun defending your last remaining outpost. Wave after wave of enemy aircraft and paratroopers try to destroy you. Shoot down enemy helicopters, bombers, transport aircraft, paratroopers, and bombs in a last effort to save your base.

Air Raid contains many levels with increasing difficulty. As you progress; enemy aircraft will become more numerous, faster and more ruthless as they try to destroy you. Timing will be the key. Can you shoot them all down in time?


  • 20 levels of intense arcade action
  • 4 bosses that become enemies you must face in later waves
  • 3 powerups to collect: repair crate, power shot and guided shot
  • High score list
  • Simple, one handed controls
  • Easy to play, difficult to master
  • Night Raid! Take on the enemy at night with your spotlight


Press a key to start play. The goal is to shoot Aircraft, Helicopters, Missiles, and Paratroopers while protecting your anti-aircraft cannon. Bonus rounds are played at night with the sky lit by searchlights and explosions. This is a stand alone application, no server connection is required after downloading.


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